About Michaella

Michaella has lived in London since 1995 and is one of London's leading belly dance artists and teachers. She is an entrancing exponent of classical Egyptian dance, including the Takasim, Baladi, Saidi and Shaabi styles.

Absorbed in the music and culture of the Middle East since childhood, Michaella also trained in classical ballet and folk dance.

She has studied under Josephine Wise (JWAAD School), Juliana Brustick and Ruth Webb (Raqs Sharqi Society) and Fifi Ness, the Israeli folklorist, among other prominent teachers.

For Michaella, belly dance, she says, "isn't just a performance, it's a way of life".

Working outside the traditional boundaries of belly dance, she has developed a series of original and hypnotic duets with performers from the classical and vocal world, in which, through her delicious mastery of movement, she completely embodies the soul of the ‘cello and the voice.

Among Michaella’s collaborators are Jamie Walton, the leading international ‘cellist, Avivit, the remarkable Middle Eastern vocalist, and Tim Garside, the leading tabla player. She also works with Daniel Vais, the distinguished choreographer, in developing new directions in the art of raqs sharqi (belly dance). Daniel is currently working with the Daghdha Dance Co in Limerick, Ireland. See also photo gallery of Michaella's ravishing performance at Daghdha's December 2006 Gravity and Grace show.

Michaella has appeared at leading performance venues and at top London restaurants including Momo, Souk, Fez, Simurgh, Kaslik and the Hilton. Her performance at Momo's first birthday party was shown on Channel 4 and ITV. She performs at festivals across the country.

As a qualified dance teacher, she has a large following of students and holds dance classes at studios across North, East and Central London. Michaella also gives private classes.

Through her belly dance company she has assembled a group of committed students and professionals who join her in staging innovative belly dance productions.

At Chats Palace Arts Centre, London, Michaella has produced, directed and choreographed a series of three productions. Among them, HAFLA, was a unique celebration exploring musical contrasts between East and West through the medium of belly dance.

Michaella is currently working on a series of performances with three other women reflecting on femininity, sex and power through rhythm, dance and the body, integrating flamenco and belly dance with Arabic and Turkish musicians. See Goddess photo gallery.

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