Past Productions and Performances


Event Venue Performance Links
Sep 2004 Walthamstow Festival
Walthamstow Performance  
Nov 2004 Alf Lela Wa Lela Chats Palace Own production videos
Apr 2005 The Spirit of Camden Camden Performance  
Apr 2005 HAFLA Chats Palace Own production review photos
July 2005 Art Exhibition The Muse at 269

Performance (with Jamie Walton) review video
July 2005 The Rise Festival London Performance (with Lillie Naor)  
July 2005 The Turkish Festival London Thames Performance  
Sep 2005 Walthamstow Festival
London Performance  
Sep 2005 Tavistock Festival Notting Hill,
London W11 Performance
Sep 2005 Fashion in Motion/Hassan Hajjaj - London Fashion Week Victoria and Albert Museum, London SW7 Performance photos
Oct 2005 To Touch the Water Chats Palace Own production review photos video
Dec 2005 Mamushka Night Daghdha Dance Co, Limerick, Ireland Performance (with vocalist Avivit) video
Jul 2006 Laburnum Street Festival Haggeston, London E8 Performance with Michaella Bellydance Co  
July 2006 Rise Festival London Performance see link below
Dec 2006 Gravity & Grace Daghdha Dance Co, Limerick, Ireland Two performances with this world famous dance company see link below
1 and 3 March 2007
Dream a Goddess: Flyer, Biographies
Chats Palace, London E9; Tsavta, Baker Street London W1
Femininity, sex and power through rhythm, dance and the body


17, 18 & 19 May 2007 Daniel Vais's Lovespotters Arcola Theatre, London E8 Three performances with this remarkable dance group photo gallery