LONDON BELLY DANCE FESTIVAL 12/13 April 2008 ends in great success with Michaella, Fifi Ness, Natacha Atlas, Storm, Vashti, Lillie Naor and other stars from the belly dance world.

Over 120 people attended the two days of workshops, lectures and two evening performances.
Fifi Ness (left), the renowned baladi teacher and performer made a special visit from Israel, teaching and performing to great acclaim.

Michaella herself, in spite of the responsibilities of the Festival, performed with the band Bosforus on Saturday in a triumphant display of brilliance and originality.

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Michaella's passion is to create, inspire and bring people together. Through her bellydance programme she has assembled a group of committed students and professionals who join her in staging innovative belly dance productions that extend the boundaries of the art.

Since October 2004, Michaella has produced, directed and choreographed three successful shows at the Chats Palace Arts Centre in East London, culminating in the stunning production, To Touch the Water.

In October 2004, in her first production, Alf Lela Wa Lela, Michaella gave her followers an exciting preview of what was to come. See Alf Lela Wa Lela video clips (Temple Dance and Eye of Horus).

In April 2005, Michaella produced, directed and choreographed HAFLA, a unique celebration exploring musical contrasts between East and West through the medium of the world's most sensual performance art. See HALFA review and links to gallery.

In the third and final production in the Alf Lela Wa Lela series, which opened in November 2004, Michaella and her Bellydance Company brought the trinity to a triumphant conclusion with To Touch the Water. This time the unifying theme was 'water', in the sense of fluidity - of movement, of energy between dancers, between performers and audience and within the dancers themselves.

See To Touch The Water review and links to gallery. Also see video clip (Blue Sky).

In all her productions, Michaella has succeeded in bringing together cultures, nationalities and friendships from across the world in a unique celebration of the ancient art of belly dance.